Chemical Resistant

Stonelam® resists to organic and inorganic solvents, disinfectants and detergents. It can be easily cleaned without affecting its surface characteristics; the only product that can attack the slabs is hydrofluoric acid.

Wear Resistant

Stonelam® is highly scratchproof and resistant to deep abrasion. The properties of the slabs remain unchanged even after intensive use and frequent cleaning.

High Flexural Strength

Stonelam® has a high modulus of rupture.

Frost Resistant

Stonelam's average water absorption is 0.1% therefore it is frost resistant and suitable for any weather condition.

Fire Resistant

Stonelam® does not contain organic material therefore it resists or is resistant to fire and high temperatures. In the event of fire, it does not release smoke or toxic substances.

Hygienic Surface

Stonelam® is perfectly suitable for food substances since it does not release elements in solution. It does not allow the formation of mould, bacteria and fungi.

Chromatic Properties

Stonelam® does not contain organic pigments and is resistant to UV rays. Even if subjected to severe climate changes, the colours remain stable.

Graffiti Proof

Stonelam® is the first graffiti proof ceramic surface; it is easy to clean and even the strongest paints can be easily removed.