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    Alpha Series

    A prized collection of 4 shades that combines artistic influences with contemporary nuances, our Alpha series lend an aura of sophistication to any area, be it interiors or exterior claddings of building. A blend of flexibility, versatility and sleek lines, complimented by minimalist designs, the Alpha series is a must have for modern day structures.

    Dimensions Available:

    3000mm X 1000mm X 3mm

    Beta Series

    A delicate balance of traditional chic and modern day elegance, this range of 10 exquisite shades can only be described as a visual rendition of power and grace. Inspired by the elements – Rock, Sand, Earth and Salt and with full body colours it plays a pivotal role in the architectural character of a structure creating an ambience of serenity and authority.

    Dimensions Available:
    3000mm X 1000mm X 3mm

    Gamma Series

    For those blessed with an eye of for perfection, the Gamma range offers you fresh and rich textures that enliven any space. Inspired by natural textures it makes a loud and bold statement about your evolved tastes with its vibrant elements that offer your imagination a bold push. Crafted and engineered for an audience with an exquisite palate, the Gamma series with 8 exciting shades is our greatest pride.

    Dimensions Available:
    3000mm X 1000mm X 3mm

    Exotica Series

    Much like the name suggests, Exotica is a collection of the choicest designs put together for people with taste. Tailored to be an expression of your refinement this series is a unique blend of form and function that adds to the beauty of any surface. With its unique collection of 2 extra large slabs, it guarantees the same performance irrespective of size, providing engineers and designers with vital flexibility.

    Dimensions Available: 3000mm X 1000mm X 5mm
    3240mm X 1620mm X 5mm

    Cucina Series

    In an age where kitchens are themed and an integral part of home decor, elements like textures, contrasts and patterns come into play. The choice of material accents the warmth and personality of your kitchen which is why our Cucina range offers you an incredible array of options. With its exciting range of 4 different shades and textures that fit seamlessly with your ideas, it helps harmonize a home.

    Dimensions Available:
    3240mm X 1620mm X 12mm